back to reality

The Back To Reality Foundation was a local community based organisation who promoted and fostered programs and ideas targeting and supporting the youth of the region.


Back to Reality – Achieving goals for youth

By joining with Border Trust as a grant partner, the Back To Reality Foundation distributed its funds to local community groups for the purposes of supporting programs for youth.

From 2007 to 2012, the Back to Reality Foundation distributed over $76,700.00 to many valuable, community based projects.

Camp Quality Walwa 2008 PoolAims of the Foundation:

  • To provide a catalyst for the generation of programs for youth
  • To build the capacity for young people to generate and support their own programs
  • To support multiplier opportunities
  • To promote social responsibility in our young people
  • To develop partnerships and build relationships with agencies, organisations and individuals who seek to enhance outcomes for our young people.

2012 Recipients

A project providing young people with the practical skills needed to move towards living independently.
Includes how to maintain tenancies, develop skills necessary for independent living and provides linkages with community and community services.

Belvoir Special School, partnering with “Hands On Learning Australia”, has been granted funds to develop an intervention program aimed at remedying early school disengagement. The project will support students aged 12 – 15 years, from disadvantaged backgrounds who attend the school.
This outdoor education program will provide a learning environment that will be best suited to the students needs. Students participate in building and gardening projects at Belvoir School and a secondary site at Leneva. The project will develop partnerships with local secondary schools with the results benefiting both the school and wider community. The program aims to dispel the belief of the target group that they are unemployable, aims to tackle poor attendance, challenging behaviours and low self-esteem, and bring about permanent positive change for the participants.

Drumbeat is a therapeutic program using rhythm for youth at risk within public schools. The program will be delivered to 3 Albury schools with each receiving 10 hours of classes. The program seeks to combine musical expression with social learning outcomes: emotional control; improved relationships; and increased self-esteem.

livered in partnership with the Place Youth Centre, this program aims to engage at-risk young people in the Albury region with services provided by YES Youth & Family Services and The Place Youth Centre. The project will provide activities for targeted at-risk youth of 11-18 years. Activities include rock climbing, laser tag, ten pin bowling, cooking classes, hair and beauty classes and hip-hop dance lessons. The activities are held after school each week and are provided free of charge, with food available and all participants are transported home afterwards. Other benefits of the program include the provision of life-skills style workshops, providing positive activities to build self-esteem and confidence and boosting the positive socialisation of the participants.

ALBURY WODONGA COMMUNITY COLLEGE for GENERATIONS BRIDGING THE DIVIDE, $4,200   Generations Bridging the Divide: Building Resilience, Confidence and Decision Making Skills Through the Arts and Crafts. The grant will be used to support young people who have been disengaged from the education system; who are in care or are being case managed. Utilising AWCC mentors, instructors and volunteers, the program will engage the youth in art / craft based skills and activities while proving opportunities of connection with the an older generation of mentors, the wider community and local support services.



2007, Highwater Theatre, Theatre program for ‘at risk’ youth, $ 5,000.00
2007, Cooinda Family Support, “Stamp it Out’ anti bullying program, $ 5,000.00
2007, Y.E.S., Family support program, $ 5,000.00
2007, N.E. Local Learning & Employment Network, Youth mentoring program, $ 2,750.00
2008, Volunteer Friends, Sports clinic for disabled youth , $ 4,000.00
2008, Westside Community Centre, Homework Centre, $ 4,500.00
2008, P.C.Y.C., Archery program, $ 5,000.00
2008, Upper Hume Community Health , Homework club for ‘at risk’ youth, $ 5,000.00
2009, Albury Wodonga Community Network, The Didge Project, $ 1,000.00
2010, YMCA Wodonga, Youth mentoring program, $ 5,000.00
2010, MusicAbility, Wild Things’ Band Gala Showcase, $ 5,000.00
2011, Carevan Foundation, Kids Caring and Cooking, $ 1,600.00
2011, Midnight Basketball Tournament, Midnight Basketball Tournament 4, $ 2,500.00
2011, Community Technology Centre Holbrook, After School Study Club, $ 2,500.00
2011, Parklands Albury Wodonga, Work On The Wild Side, $ 2,500.00
2012, Albury Wodonga Community College – Albury Campus, Generations Bridging the Divide Project, $ 4,200.00
2012, Belvoir Special School, Hands on Learning Program , $ 4,010.00
2012, Junction Support Services , Independent Living Skills Program for Youth, $ 5,000.00
2012, Murray Conservatorium, Drumbeat, $ 4,150.00
2012, YES Youth and Family Services , Positive Engagement Program , $ 3,000.00
TOTALLING:  $ 76,710.00